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New Tork Reflex cuts consumption and speeds up cleaning

10 September 2018

A major upgrade to the Tork Reflex paper dispenser is set to improve cleaning efficiency in a wide range of environments, says manufacturer Essity.

The unit now features a rotating nozzle which allows the user to quickly tear off a length of paper in one fluid motion and from any angle. This is highly effective at speeding up access to paper, making the task of cleaning both faster and more efficient.

The new nozzle also enables the operative to access the paper using one hand for added convenience. And the fact that the product is dispensed in single sheets dramatically reduces consumption.

”When a spill occurs in a busy environment it needs to be cleared up quickly and efficiently,” said Essity’s sales manager Jeremy Bennett. 

“Pulling a length of paper from a centrefeed roll takes time, effort and sometimes two hands – and often ends up with the operative taking more paper than they need. And this can have a huge impact on consumption and costs.

“Tork Reflex is a major improvement on traditional centrefeeds because it makes it easy for operatives to take out the amount of paper they need quickly, easily and efficiently.”

"The single-sheet dispensing function of Tork Reflex can reduce paper consumption by up to 37 per cent," says Jeremy. “Besides the advantage of reducing costs this also has a huge sustainability benefit,” he adds.

Tork Reflex is particularly suitable for use in food preparation environments since the paper is completely sealed in its hygienic casing before use. 

“The fact that the paper is dispensed in single sheets reduces the risk of cross-contamination in this hygiene-critical sector since staff only touch the paper they use,” said Jeremy. “The paper is also food contact-approved for wiping and available in blue rolls to support HACCP guidelines.”

Tork Reflex recently took centre stage in a “kitchen flow experiment” where Essity teamed up with a kitchen consultant to provide a makeover. The Essity team identified a kitchen that was experiencing poor “flow” – where cluttered units, unemptied bins and a shortage of wiping products resulted in staff wasting valuable time hunting for the equipment they needed.

The kitchen was deep cleaned and then fully equipped with cleaning, wiping and hand hygiene products including Tork Reflex in the new dispensers. These were placed in strategic positions around the facility in order to provide each member of staff with access to the products they needed where and when they needed them.

The experiment was a huge success, with kitchen managers estimating that they had saved several hours of productive time following the makeover.

Tork Reflex also works well in a range of other environments including industrial, educational, retail and healthcare facilities. “The fact that the paper is dispensed in single sheets helps to reduce cross-contamination in healthcare while also preventing over-consumption – and this helps to keep costs down,” says Jeremy. 

“The fact that the dispenser is completely sealed means that no objects can be placed inside which is an added bonus in vulnerable healthcare facilities. And the one-handed dispensing function allows staff to access the paper with one hand and help their patients with the other.”

Following the latest upgrade, Tork Reflex is now available in the Tork Performance line of dispensers which come in turquoise/white and white/white housings. The dispenser incorporates the Tork Performance dual-setting lock which allows users to choose their level of security.

Other features of the dispenser include an optional mounting bracket for easy cleaning and a side-opening panel for easy refilling. The Tork Reflex dispenser also comes in a mini version and in a portable format for cleaning on the go.