Tackling respiratory risks

22 August 2018

Award winning environmentally-responsible cleaning products manufacturer Genesis Biosciences has launched its products to the consumer market – in a bid to help tackle public health concerns caused by volatile organic compounds in cleaners.

According to Genesis, making the Evogen Professional range available via online retailer Amazon delivers greater public accessibility to environmentally responsible cleaners that tackle the risks caused by traditional chemical cleaners, which are a lead emitter of compounds linked to respiratory issues.

The range utilises microbial alternatives to chemicals that outcompete harmful bacteria for the same resources and deliver medium to long term hygiene benefits through the better control of harmful bacteria, compared to disinfectant chemicals.

Emma Saunders, general manager at Genesis Biosciences, said: “The decision to extend our Evogen range to the consumer market now means that we can increase the positive impact that our research and products have on the world’s cleaning challenges, reaching even further into people’s homes. 

“As a market-leading company, we aim to create a safer environment, not just at work but also at home, by offering products that are safer, less toxic and combat the damage done by traditional cleaners.”