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New look for sanitiser and disinfectant range

29 January 2021

NOW A permanent group of products in our portfolio, Cleantec Innovation’s VIROGUARD range was launched in April 2020 in direct response to market demands for high performing and trustworthy sanitising and disinfection products.

Initially, due to nationwide shortages of hand sanitisers at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Cleantec wanted to act swiftly to develop and quickly bring to market a hand sanitiser which was not limited by the then alcohol and supply-chain shortages. Developed in order to offer the highest levels of protection against bacteria and viruses but also prevent dryness and irritation their Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitiser is now one of its best-selling products and sold throughout the country to the hospitality sector, schools, colleges, universities, offices and the healthcare industry.

Since its launch in 2020 VIROGUARD foaming hand sanitiser has undergone rigorous independent testing and gained additional British Standard (BSEN) certifications which include:

  • BS EN 1500: Hygienic Hand Rub
  • BS EN 14476: Virucidal (Medical)
  • BS EN 1276: Bactericidal
  • BS EN 13727: Bactericidal (Medical)
  • BS EN 13624: Yeasticidal (Medical).

It is also laboratory proven to kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria, yeasts and enveloped viruses on the skin. The new look, which puts the product features at the forefront is designed to be less intrusive when displayed at kiosks, in offices and throughout the hospitality sector where businesses do not want distraction from their own brand.

Alongside the new look Cleantec has also seen their private label foaming hand sanitiser under the VIROGUARD Bespoke range really start to take off. This option has been hugely popular in the hospitality and healthcare sectors allowing businesses to promote their brand in a socially positive way.

Also with a new look is their widely popular Anti-Bacterial Multi-Surface Sanitiser. This product, formally known as PRO3, has been in the Cleantec range for a number of years however with demand for sanitisers now higher than ever Cleantec have amped up the formulation and had the product independently tested to gain proven bactericidal and virucidal certifications. Capable of killing 99.99% of harmful bacteria and enveloped viruses VIROGUARD multi-surface sanitiser passes:

  • BS EN 1276: Bactericidal
  • BS EN 13727: Bactericidal (Medical)
  • BS EN 14476: Virucidal (Medical).

The active ingredients in this multi-purpose product have a broad antimicrobial efficacy working to eliminate gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and enveloped viruses on virtually any hard surface, whether indoors or outdoors and can also be used in conjunction with most commercial ULV fogging machines.

To complete the range is a highly innovative new product - V300 Hypochlorous Acid, which is available as both instant hand sanitiser spray and anti-viral surface disinfectant. This product has also under-gone a new look with additional sizes of product packaging available including 500ml trigger spray and 65ml pocket atomisers.

Hypochlorous Acid, which has risen in popularity as a mass-scale sanitising solution of choice, offers maximal antimicrobial properties across all surfaces. It is a powerful oxidising agent, killing a vast spectrum of bacteria, enveloped viruses and spores by destroying the cell membranes and proteins. It is also suitable for use on virtually any surface and is non-irritating to skin and has no detrimental effect when inhaled which is why most fogging and sanitising tunnels use this product.

VIROGUARD V300 is certified to kill 99.99% of enveloped viruses, bacteria and spores and passes:

  • BS EN 1500: Hygienic Hand Rub
  • BS EN 14476: Virucidal (Medical)
  • BS EN 1276: Bactericidal
  • BS EN 1650: Fungicidal.

Available in a variety of small pack and bulk sizes, hypochlorous acid is ideal for almost all scenarios where hygiene and sanitisation is of the highest priority including fogging, roadside spray, disinfection tunnels, surface cleanser and hand sanitation.

To browse the full range or to buy, please visit the Cleantec Innovation website: https://cleantecinnovation.com/products/sanitisers