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Bringing fresh clean innovation to the Washroom

09 September 2019

SC Johnson Professional has launched an exciting range of new foam soaps under its famous Deb Skin Care brand.

SC Johnson Professional has drawn upon insights from facility owners, cleaning professionals, fragrance experts and washroom users to re-think the professional washroom experience. The innovative new range has been designed to delight users and make washroom management more efficient, redefining the market for foam soaps.

The exciting range includes unique new signature fragrance options, plus a fragrance-free foam soap, which are all EU Ecolabel and ECARF certified and with just one pump are proven to wash away 99% of dirt and germs when used properly.

The biodegradable products have been formulated with one of the mildest preservatives and added skin conditioners, making them pleasant on the hands and suitable for all ages.

When combined with SC Johnson Professional’s unique antimicrobial foam soap powered by Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide®, the refreshed range is crafted to meet the needs of any busy washroom setting. The formulations leave skin silky-smooth with no sticky residue.

Whether in corporate washrooms, office spaces, retail or hospitality settings, schools or hotels, the refreshed product range delivers the quality customers want with features that redefine the foam hand wash experience.

Signature fragrance foam soaps

Based on extensive customer research and insights, SC Johnson Professional’s unique new signature fragrances have been designed by world leading experts and have been proven to appeal to a broad range of washroom users. Each fragrance note plays a unique role in communicating the caring, pleasantly fresh and clean attributes that users like and remember.

The Azure Foam has a sparkling fresh and clean ‘Crisp Fruit’ fragrance.  Rose Foam, has a luxurious modern floral ‘Enchanted Rose’ fragrance. Both bring a caring, pleasantly fresh scent, with biodegradable formulations and have been dermatologically tested, making them mild, allergy-friendly and suitable for all ages.

With a signature scent at the heart of each fragrance, the ‘Signature Fragrance Foam Soaps’ have been proven to leave hands softly scented with a luxurious feeling that users notice.

Fragrance free foam soap

Ideal for people who are sensitive to fragrances and dyes and who prefer products which do not have these added. The Fragrance Free Foam Soap formula has been dermatologist tested and ECARF certified to verify and confirm it is “skin hypoallergenic” with very low allergenic potential and is designed for sensitive skin.

Antimicrobial foam soap

For settings where a higher level of hygiene is preferred, this lightly fragranced foam soap is powered by Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® to provide broad spectrum antimicrobial activity killing up to 99.99% of many common bacteria, yeast and viruses.

Readily biodegradable formula and biocidal active ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide - breaks down into oxygen and water to leave no active residue.

Making the management of the washroom more efficient

Compared to a traditional lotion soap, just one pump of SC Johnson Professional’s refreshed foam soaps takes care of user’s hands and the soap provider’s bottom line.  The SC Johnson Professional foam soaps create the following savings:

  • 36% less product is required
  • 45% less water is required
  • 30% more hand washed per litre of soap
  • 26% less packaging waste created

Introducing the new Quick-View Dispenser

When the products are paired with the new Quick-View Dispenser even more cost efficiencies can be gained. The dispenser has transparent sides to allow cleaning staff to accurately see the soap level from any angle or distance, eliminating the need to open up dispensers to check if a cartridge change is required. This saves time and reduces maintenance costs.

Helping give users a pleasant, positive handwashing experience differentiates facilities from their competitors. By re-thinking the foam soap solution to address the challenges of the professional washroom, these new innovations from SC Johnson Professional not only bring benefits to washroom users, but also cost savings for facilities managers with a range to suit all washroom environments.

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