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Effective against oily soils and fat deposits

15 October 2019

Diversey, a leading global hygiene and cleaning company, has developed Enduro Timesaver to enrich the superior cleaning power of the existing Enduro Power range of foaming cleaning agents.

These already deliver impressive coverage with one coat and an enhanced cling that adheres on surfaces for longer. However, according to Diversey, its new combination of technology is set to shake up traditional open plant cleaning (OPC) in the Processed Food Industry.

By integrating new pre-cleaning technology with the benefits of foams and gels, it will create a package that enhances operational efficiency, while maximising water, energy and chemical savings - and all without sacrificing cleaning efficacy. 

Enduro Timesaver is engineered to meet the specific demands of the industry, in particular for high soil processing in meat plants, poultry processors and fish processing plants, where it is extremely effective against oily soils and fat deposits. It is primarily a time-saving product designed to significantly reduce cleaning times and the resultant production down time. Enduro Timesaver also delivers the cost benefit of application with existing foam equipment, and enables users to meet sustainability targets without impacting on cleaning performance. 

Unlocks up to 30% or more of the cleaning time

Ester Fernàndez, sector specialist processed food Diversey EMEA, said: “The unique Enduro Timesaver technology and methodology is a revolutionary new way of approaching a cleaning regime. Cleaning your production facility to the required level to reach food safety standards impacts production time. Establishing the right OPC regime with Enduro Timesaver can unlock up to 30% or more of the cleaning time and resource requirement; and provide appreciable water and chemical savings as a result. Labour and utility costs, from analysis based on our global expertise in the industry, accounts for 65% of the cost of OPC in the average food processing plant – therefore technology to reduce can have a major benefit.”

Target significant labour savings

The potential for significant cost savings from implementing Enduro Timesaver technology is highlighted in figures from Eurostat research that document hourly labour costs throughout the European Union (EU) for 2018. Average hourly labour costs in the EU were estimated at €27.4 (Euros) in the total group of affiliated countries – the EU-28 - and at €30.6 in the Eurozone monetary union area of nineteen countries – the EA-19. 

Maximizes efficiency to reduce required cleaning window

Enduro Timesaver is an alkaline pre- cleaning agent that targets soils and residue much more quickly than existing products and is designed for daily environmental cleaning. As a time-saving pre-clean step, it reduces the pre-rinsing time. 

Enduro Timesaver is also highly effective as a trouble shooter in the heavy duty cleaning applications in the food industries, providing an excellent removal of protein, fat and tallow-containing residues. It is also said to penetrate stubborn soils better than traditional foam products.

According to Diversey, Enduro Timesaver delivers significant, quantifiable improvements versus traditional foam. The impact on water, energy, chemical and time savings result in operational efficiency gains which can translate into reduced operating costs. When combined with Diversey's knowledge of optimisation procedures, Enduro Timesaver contributes to achieving sustainability goals, while maintaining the highest food quality standards for food processors. In combination with EnduroPlus it eliminates re-application, and provides better cleaning, while enhancing the appearance and functionality of your facility.

Applying knowledge to reduce operating costs

As Ester Fernàndez, confirmed: “Enduro Timesaver plus EnduroPower is the perfect combination as it equals superior cleaning power in less time. Customers can benefit simultaneously from Diversey’s expertise and this extensive range of foam and gel sanitizers, which deliver the right environmental cleaning of contact surfaces, equipment externals and utensils with proven efficacy against bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses. This will enable users to release available production time by reducing the cleaning window, without endangering existing high-quality standards. With labour the greatest cost, saving time has a direct impact and can also allow for an increase in available production time/capacity.”