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Dudley unveils behind-the-mirror cabinet

01 August 2022

DUDLEY INDUSTRIES, the British manufacturer of stainless-steel washroom equipment, has announced the launch of a slimline version of it’s Modulo behind-the-mirror cabinet system.

As the name suggests, the range is modular. It includes cabinets and shelves that can house a choice of touch-free soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers or hand-dryers; all items that can be positioned directly over basins. This helps to reduce the risk of drips on the floor and renders queues for separately fitted hand-dryers unnecessary. The mirrored doors also help to protect the dispensers and consumables from impact, dirt and tampering.

The key feature of the slimline units is their reduced dimensions. They are available in 600mm and 1200mm widths, and with a depth of 230mm. Even with the compact sizes, they are still able to accommodate large capacity dispensers.

The Slimline range also includes shelf-only options. These are intended for designers and fit-out companies that wish to build their own cabinets or wall recesses, or for those who may want a modular solution that doesn't require a full, ready-made cabinet.

All cabinets in the range are robust, highly resistant to damage and easy to clean. Moreover, like any such units installed above basins, they remove the need for obstructions on the walls or floors elsewhere, helping to maximise the available floorspace and facilitate easier movement through the washroom.

The mirrored doors ensure an uncluttered appearance and help to bounce light around the room, while the stainless-steel cabinet bodies are powder coated in matte black. The lockable doors are supported by pneumatic gas struts, making it easy to open them and to replenish the contents. The cabinets also provide space for the storage of spare consumables helping to making refilling the dispensers quick and easy for the cleaning teams.

To minimise contact-infection risks, the hand-dryers and soap dispensers both incorporate PIR detectors that enable touch-free operation. The hand dryers come with a 3-year warranty while all other items – the cabinets, towel and soap dispensers – carry a 10-year warranty.

The Modulo Slimline range is designed and manufactured in Britain, under an ISO 9001:2015 accredited quality assurance system. Further product details are available on the Dudley Industries website and technical literature is available on request.

For more information visit www.dudleyindustries.com