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Biodegradable and compostable wipe

22 June 2018

The J-Cloth Biodegradable from Chicopee (Berry Plastics) is described as the ultimate eco-friendly wipe. As the name suggests, the wipe is both fully biodegradable and compostable, meeting all relevant DIN standards and carrying the seedling logo, granted by DIN-Certo, as proof of its green credentials. 

The J-Cloth Biodegradable has been independently tested by ISEGA and is fully compliant with European regulations (number 1935/2004), meaning it is completely safe to come into direct contact with food.  

Low quality disposable foodservice cloths are difficult to rinse thoroughly and keep clean, allowing odours to develop. This results in a high turnover rate, which in turn contributes to an increased amount of waste going to landfill. 

The J-Cloth Biodegradable is made from carefully selected raw materials, with an open, wavy texture based on that of the J-Cloth cleaning wipe. This enables it to pick up dirt effectively, while remaining easy to rinse and therefore staying fresh for longer. 

After use, it can be simply rinsed then disposed of in your food waste bin, ready for collection with recycling. This reduces landfill costs, with the wipe breaking down naturally into compost.

The wipe is both fully biodegradable and compostable. Biodegradable means it will break down into carbon dioxide, water and bio mass within a reasonable amount of time, whereas compostable products are not only biodegradable but when they break down, release valuable nutrients into the soil, helping plants and trees to grow.

In addition to having full food contact clearance, the J-Cloth Biodegradable is PEFC certified, to promote sustainable forest development.  

To watch a short video about the green credentials of the J-Cloth Biodegradable, please go to the Chicopee website: http://chicopee.com/en-eu/products/j-clothrplus-biodegradable