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Dry extraction carpet cleaning system

09 March 2018

The Host carpet cleaning method from Host Von Schrader is an all in one system that gets carpets clean and back in use straight away. The system uses especially designed equipment together with tailored cleaner Host sponges.

A large percentage of soil – 80 to 90 per cent – in a carpet is dry and is removed with a powerful vacuum fitted within the Freestyle or Liberator machine. Additionally, the counter rotating brushes in the machines ensure that the carpet pile is lifted and dry soil is extracted from the base of the carpet. This all-important process must be successfully achieved before any moisture is applied to the carpet. 

Host sponges are a non abrasive organic cleaner containing a balanced mix of water, detergents, wetting agents and a safe to use solvent. It acts just like a sponge, releasing the cleaning agents where the soil is. The deep down brushing action allows the cleaner to break up, dissolve, trap and then remove spots, spills and greasy oily dirt. 

Finally, the powerful vacuum removes the Host sponges with their trapped soil. Host deep cleans so that spots are removed and don’t wick back. The deep cleaning Host method ensures that harmful biological agents can be removed.

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