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Professional three stage carpet cleaning regime

07 March 2013

JohnsonDiversey gives the lowdown on its complete range of carpet care machines

JohnsonDiversey gives the lowdown on its complete range of carpet care machines

The JohnsonDiversey range of carpet care machines and products enables users to maintain a simple three-stage regime covering daily, intermediate and intermittent deep cleaning.

Used daily, a TASKI vacuum cleaner keeps carpet looking good because it lifts the pile and removes loose dirt.The TASKI vento tub vacuum is available in two models with 8 or 15 litre bag capacity. Its multi-stage filtration system improves air quality while the new synthetic fleece bags claim to outperform conventional paper bags in three key areas. Firstly, they offer better first stage filtration. Secondly, they are less prone to bursting because the material is stronger.Thirdly, performance is improved through the bag life and the vacuum has improved suction if fleece bag is half full compared to conventional paper bags.

When an upright vacuum is preferred, the TASKI ensign range offers a choice of six models. Features include three stage filtration, electronic sensors to adjust the brush height automatically and a choice of motor power depending on the model.

Daily vacuuming is complemented by spot and stain removal using Enhance Spot and Stain.This is formulated for daily cleaning to provide a safe all-in-one spotting solution for common water and oil based spots and stains on carpets and soft furnishings. Supplied in a ready-to-use trigger spray, it is applied directly onto the stain and left for 30 seconds before blotting and rinsing with clean water.

Regular intermediate carpet cleaning is achieved with a TASKI swift 35 or a TASKI ergodisc rotary cleaner fitted with a shampoo bonnet and the use of a carpet shampoo product such as Enhance Shampoo. Intermediate cleaning reduces the requirement for deep cleaning, which is more time consuming and costly, but it does not replace it completely.

The third and final part of the cleaning strategy is to use deep extraction cleaning products from the Enhance range to extract the most stubborn stains and odours using one of the four models in the TASKI aquamat range. Each incorporates a combination of spray extraction and brush mechanism that removes stubborn and ingrained stains to maintain high appearance levels and prolong the life of carpets.The generous tank capacity enables extended working between refills while powerful suction results in the shortest carpet drying time. Its claimed that the reduced drying time that comes from dry foam cleaning using TASKI aquamat allows a room to be back in service in as little as two hours.

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