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Dry extraction system

23 June 2014

Host von Schrader’s Dry Extraction Carpet cleaning system is not only effective at keeping carpet looking its best, it is also suitable for cleaning grouted and textured flooring.

Michael Egerton, managing director of Host Von Schrader, says: "Grout maintenance is normally a very labour intensive task. The very nature of the material is highly absorbent, not only absorbing both dirt and grease from everyday wear and tear but also the liquids used for cleaning floors."  


Compared to other and more traditional methods of cleaning grouted and textured flooring, the Host System offers dry not wet cleaning of tiled or slippery surfaces,  which the company says is important from a safety, health and environmental point of view. 


Egerton adds: "One system and one machine can easily and quickly solve the problems associated with the safe and effective cleaning of all textured flooring from ceramic tiling, granite and brick flooring through to slate, limestone, vinyl tiling - and of course carpets. Host Dry Extraction Cleaning provides the perfect solution with no important downtime lost, no harsh or toxic chemicals needed leaving floors that are clean, dry and ready for use immediately."

The Host Liberator and Freestyle ExtractorVac machines can both be fitted with specially designed Host Red Grout Brushes.