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Why 9,854,955 B2 Has a Certain Ring to It for Kaivac

09 February 2018

On 2nd January 2018, Kaivac welcomed the new year with a notice from the U.S. Patent Office. Their OmniFlex Crossover Cleaning System has been awarded a new patent, number 9,854,955 B2 to be precise.

The patent applies to most all OmniFlex systems including the Dispense-and-Vac, AutoVac, SUV, or hybrid combination of these systems.

The AutoVac and SUV systems have become very popular in the professional cleaning industry because they eliminate the need for mopping while also offering a cost effective floor cleaning alternative to traditional automatic scrubbers. 

It is the 14th patent Kaivac has earned over the years for their tools and equipment. Plus, the company currently has twelve patent applications now in "pending" status.

According to Kaivac's technical director, Terry Schawe, the new patent was awarded because it allows users the unique ability to quickly switch between corded power and battery power.

"Traditional cleaning equipment, including automatic scrubbers, do not allow this flexibility," says Schawe. "They either are cord or battery powered, but not both."

He also adds that if the battery runs dry using a battery powered automatic scrubber or if there are no power outlets available, "the user has to stop working. This won't happen with this patented technology."

Schawe indicates the company started developing this technology as a result of comments from end-customers. Many said that power outlets are not always available in some locations, especially in older buildings, and even facilities such as newer retail and grocery stores.

"And even when they are available, they [are] often few and far between," he adds. "This means cleaning professionals must use a 50- or 100-foot cord to clean floors, which creates a safety issue and slows down worker productivity."

Improving worker productivity has always been a key concern at Kaivac, adds Schawe. "If you look at our other patents, most were awarded to Kaivac because they improve worker productivity. It's always been one of our goals."