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Complete hard floor system

26 April 2017

“If you do as you have always done you can expect what you’ve always got”, as a colleague of mine is fond of saying. Tomcat UK find this translates to cleaning in the form of stagnated results and performance with the same level of consumables spending.

The TomCat Edge system brings a different approach with a chemical free solution to both routine and deep cleaning, floor stripping without toxic stripping agents along with labour saving edges and corners, whilst providing increased performance on the floor finish.

The versatility of this system, along with the outlined benefits above, can also provide wooden floor sanding, and marble and terrazzo polishing, providing a complete hard floor system for cleaning and preparation. Moving away from some more traditional methods, the TomCat edge system provides a different approach.

To help its customers and dealers alike, the company has now opened the new TomCat school and showrooms in Eastleigh. This facility provides Tomcat with the ability to help people learn about the Edge system including:

•            Deep cleaning, chemical free.

•            Wooden floor sanding, roughing and finishing

•            Edge and corner cleaning

•            Chemical free seal and polish removal

•            Marble and terrazzo polishing

With the new 2000 sq/ft showroom and demonstration area what better place to learn about Zero3, the company's new aqueous ozone system for complete chemical free cleaning.

The benefits of aqueous ozone are well documented; the innovation in Tomcat's system is that it's produced on the machine and on demand eliminating any product degradation. No wall mounting, no wiring, low maintenance and no hassle.

Tomcat concludes that it is safer for the operator, more sustainable for the environment and provides improved cost in use benefits.