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Chemical free cleaning with TomCat

06 June 2017

The benefits of cleaning with aqueous ozone have been well documented, with its uses going back over the last century. In testament to its effectiveness, it’s a system used globally in water treatment plants for its disinfecting and sanitising properties. Within a scrubber drier ozone is a strong oxidiser that destroys pathogens that can become resistant to standard cleaning methods.

TomCat's Zero3 ozone creates nano-bubbles. Not only does this ensure they remain in suspension for longer but adds the ability to clean into the smallest of areas providing added effectiveness to the Zero3 System. The benefits of ozone, aside from cleaning performance, within the cleaning regime are multiple.

No chemicals means no manual handling, no spill dangers and no allergen risks, which is far safer and healthier for the operatives. No chemical also provides an in-use cost saving potential and with reduced packaging and transport miles it's more beneficial for the wider environment.

Typically, scrubber driers can suffer from foul odours if they have not been fully cleaned after use along with cross contamination concerns. The antimicrobial effect of ozone can help to reduce or eliminate these issues for a healthier work environment.


The clever part of TomCat's Zero3 system is that ozone is produced on the machine itself and on demand. This helps to ensure it's always freshly produced and fully effective when dispensed onto the floor.

There is no degradation in performance because the machine has been sat idle and no dilution problems associated with partial refills. No wall mounts, no installs and no hardwiring are required, resulting in no fuss. For larger facilities, it brings added convenience as the onboard system can be refilled simply from any tap point without having to return to a wall mount location, for added portability.


In keeping with the design ethos throughout the range, TomCat believes in providing added value through simplicity of operation and maintenance. The offshoot of which normally means lower running costs and reduced downtime. The Zero3 Aqueous Ozone system is no different. 

Switched on and off at the main operator control panel, the only operator maintenance required is a visual check to the air dryer. A simple colour change indicates when replacement is required and it's changed in seconds without the use of tools. The same is true for all wear and tear items on the machines within the range, which are easily accessed and replaced simply without the use of tools. 

Floor stripping

We still find many are using traditional methods when it comes to stripping and sealing floors, using toxic stripping agents. There are many inherent risks involved with the process from slips and trips though to manual handling and spillage concerns. TomCat's Edge system is able to provide floor stripping without chemicals. It can be done either as a wet or dry system dependant on the site requirements.

Not only is there a cost saving involved due to no chemical usage but it can provide labour savings of up to 70% on the bottom line. It can also provide the ability to be more cost effective when tendering for new contracts.

The best way to find out more details on this versatile system is to visit our newly opened TomCat School in Eastleigh or by an on-site demonstration. To help illustrate the effectiveness of Zero3 we can also provide before and after swab results in real time with our ATP meter.

To find out more information please contact our friendly team on 0800 313 4336 or visit the website www.tomcat-edge.co.uk