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Wipes protect against Weil’s disease

25 November 2016

Arco has launched its first range of specialised hand wipes, designed to protect employees from Weil’s disease, which is debilitating or fatal in 10% of cases. 

The wipes work by killing Leptospira bacteria, which causes Leptospirosis that can develop into Weil’s disease. Present in animal urine, particularly rodents, those most at risk are those working in agricultural, construction and waste disposal industries as their working environments may come into contact with rat populations, wastelands and sewage. Those in close contact with animals, such as farmers, veterinary staff and pest control workers are also at risk of contracting Leptospirosis.

Arco Safe Hands wipes are specially formulated to kill dangerous bacteria and are a convenient way for employees to disinfect their hands. By simply rubbing their hands with the wipes to also physically remove dirt, Arco’s safety experts advise that employees not only disinfect themselves from harmful Leptospira bacteria, but also from a range of other bacteria and viruses (including Pseudomonas, E-Coli, Straphyloccus, Enterococcus and H1N1).

Darren Williamson, product & procurement manager from Arco, said: “Whilst rare, Weil’s disease is a very real risk that employees need to be aware of. Any workers that are potentially at risk should take care to wipe hands before eating, drinking, or using equipment close to the face. It’s also a good idea to use the formulated wipes as soon as possible after handling contaminated clothing, avoid inadvertently touching their face before using a wipe, and covering any cuts with a waterproof dressing.”