Putting people first

29 October 2015

Peter Clay from TC Facilities Management discusses the company's recent investment in employee training and development and the rewards it expects to reap

TC Facilities Management (TFCM) has formed a new regionally based training team to support all our company’s training needs; from the delivery of operational training to our line operatives through to customer, management and supervisory skills training.

We wish to sustain a culture within TCFM that seeks to deliver operational excellence across everything we do and deliver this to our customers on a consistent basis. To achieve this we must seek out the best possible training solutions for our business and our people. 


As a central part of the company's core values we have introduced two new people development programmes; Reach (supervisory/junior management) and Pertino (middle/senior management). They have been designed to offer a range of externally accredited courses with the specific aim of developing the potential of our people working within the business and enable us to nurture the talent that exists.

To help us achieve this goal we are working in partnership with the training provider Impellus. With their wide UK base, this allows us to offer courses closer to each candidates home and work base making access to venues and courses far easier. 


We are also setting-up graduate and apprenticeship programmes to encourage recruits into our business and extend their skills within an FM environment. This will enable us to bring in and develop new talent into the business, establishing Facilities Management as a dynamic and diverse career upon which to build their future. As importantly; we will be offering development opportunities to our existing employees across the business, offering a range of supervisory and business related courses that will lead to recognised qualifications through our apprenticeship programme. 


Added to this will be our focus on our operational front line employees, designing support programmes that will improve delivery of the services we currently provide across a wide national customer base. This will be supported by a new range of on-line training tools and courses allowing us to re-engineer how we deliver to all our employees across the company across all levels.  

Critical to the success of all these initiatives will be the support given by the business and its senior management team. All have committed to support our programmes enabling us to develop our people; recognising the talent we already have within the business and to encourage new people to choose Facilities Management as a career.

All of this is based on our company "one team, one vision” ethos. The right people and culture, the right systems and processes to support what we deliver, the right customer focus, ensuring we deliver what we commit to and the right growth; both in terms of our business but also how we develop our people.

As TCFM moves forward into an ever changing and challenging business environment we will continue to focus on developing our people, as we know that this will be the difference between ourselves and the competition, making Facilities Management a career that is rewarding and stimulating. This will better prepare us to be at the forefront of our business.