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Spotlight on slips & trips

12 August 2015

Following recent consultation around a possible shake-up of health and safety sentencing guidelines which could see big companies hit by large fines of up to £20m from late 2015,  floor cleaning equipment manufacturer Kärcher has launched a campaign to ensure professionals don’t slip up.  

With slips and trips cited as the most common cause of major injuries in the workplace, costing the industry in excess of £512 million per year, Kärcher’s new campaign will shine a spotlight on this issue in the hope it will help businesses manage their liabilities. If the guidelines do come into force in late 2015 / early 2016, organisations will need to review their health and safety processes or face the risk of a three or fourfold increase in expected penalties.

To make it easier for businesses to address the proposed revisions to the health and safety sentencing guidelines, Kärcher will be offering a two-year extended warranty on all Kärcher Scrubber Driers. Proven to deliver better results versus manual wet cleaning with a traditional mop and bucket, scrubber driers not only deliver a faster clean but they leave the floor safe and dry – drastically reducing the risk of costly slips and trips. The Kärcher B 40 W walk-behind scrubber drier, for example, is one of the products to benefit from the new two-year extended warranty.