Connected future for cleaning

20 April 2015

Succeeding the era of file sharing, e-commerce, and social media, the next Internet generation is concerned with connecting machines and devices – popularly known as the Internet of Things (IoT).

Applying this concept to the complex needs of the cleaning industry, Diversey Care has launched the Internet of Clean, a platform which connects machines, dispensers, sensors, beacons, and other smart devices to achieve broad insight into equipment, consumption and operations.

These include improved safety and operational performance, enhanced productivity, remote monitoring, visibility of assets, task prioritisation, more accurate dosing, reduced use of water and/or chemicals, and increased hand hygiene compliance. 

The user interface at the "back end” of the Internet of Clean is a customisable and highly intuitive dashboard. When the resultant data - and data trends - from connected devices are reviewed in this dashboard, predictive new insights emerge to provide optimised ways of working to the benefit of both building service contractors and building owners/operators. 

Speaking at the global launch in Zurich, Switzerland, Dr Ilham Kadri, President of Diversey Care, said: "The reality is that Internet of Clean allows us to first reimagine, and then totally transform the cleaning & hygiene businesses from being reactive to proactive and even predictive. This is nothing less than an e-revolution and it provides virtually endless opportunities and connections to take place. The insights given by the data from connected devices give real and immediately quantifiable value to our customers and allow them to raise the overall qualitative standards, yet lower the total cost, of cleaning and hygiene regimes.

Among the Diversey Care solutions included in the Internet of Clean are Intellitrail, SmartView, TempTrip and Intellibot robotic scrubbers and vacuums.