Modular cleaning system

27 April 2015

Cleaning is evolving, and neither the size of a building nor a small cleaning budget need hold back progress thanks to a modular cleaning system new to the UK, according to Denis Rawlins.

The company behind the ‘Chop the Mop’ campaign is promoting the OmniFlex Crossover Cleaning System as an alternative to traditional mopping that allows businesses on any budget to achieve more hygienic cleaning.

Highly flexible, OmniFlex is designed to encourage users to move away from methods that risk cross-contamination – by spreading soils and merely rinsing – to soil removal.

At its most basic, the system uses a patented trolley bucket that ensures only fresh, non-contaminated solution goes on the floor. It also controls how much solution is applied, avoiding costly wastage. Combined with a specially designed Ergo Mop, this boosts productivity and effectiveness significantly.

OmniFlex components offer a complete floorcare system for cleaning, degreasing, stripping, waxing and more. 

"OmniFlex can grow with your business needs, and it can be converted in seconds to dispense and vac, spray and squeegee, or spray and vac," James White, managing director of Denis Rawlins, said. "This system lets you customise your cleaning system for virtually any task or surface in a building. Just begin with the components you need now, and then add others as your cleaning needs evolve."

Tests in the US showed that the OmniFlex AutoVac removed more than 99% of targeted soil, while a new microfibre mop only removed 51%.