High drying power

20 February 2015

Rapid drying and ventilation is said to be within easy reach following the arrival of the latest blower in the Truvox International Limited Air Mover range.

The versatile Hybrid Blower 3400 is light and compact, yet within its robust body it has the power to generate a high airflow for faster drying of carpets, walls and ceilings.

The Hybrid Blower 3400 is also flexible: the unit can be placed flat on the ground, vertically, on its side against a wall or at a 20-degree angle to direct the airflow wherever it is most needed, reducing drying times. Weighing just 8kg, the blower is easily moved around using its in-built carry handle.

In summer, the Hybrid Blower 3400 is well suited to cooling duties as its high-performance fan promotes air circulation and ventilation.

The unit has a three-speed switch for selecting the optimal airflow for the job. Its high-density Polypropylene body houses a 320W electric motor, generating airflows up to 2722FPM.

After flooding, carpet cleaning, floor sealing, plastering or painting, or in wet entrance lobbies during wet weather, the Hybrid Blower 3400 is equipped to make building spaces ready and safe for use – sooner.