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Visible cleaning for every type of flooring

01 August 2022

Most premises include a wide variety of different flooring surfaces and, as Gordon McVean observes, this can create a wide range of cleaning challenges.

ARCHITECTS WILL specify materials which look great, but also need to deliver in terms of dirt-trapping and creating a safe non-slip working environment. When specifying flooring, it is important to consider how best to clean it, to maintain its look, efficacy, and cleanliness. Choosing the correct cleaning equipment can guarantee great results, improve cleanliness and hygiene, and also reduce time and cost.

For facility managers and cleaning operators, it is important to specify and use machines which are effective on as many different types of flooring as possible. Choosing a range of easy-to-use and maintain, reliable and proven machines, from an established UK-based manufacturer represents a real investment.

From carpets to hard floors, and from entrance matting to escalators, different flooring surfaces require different methods of cleaning. For instance, checker-plate flooring may deliver that all important non-slip surface, but it can also lead to huge problems when it comes to cleaning, particularly if traditional single-disc rotary machines are used, as they can cause a build-up of debris and dirt, rather than removing it. 

That’s why Truvox International was proud to launch the new Multiwash PRO range last year. As a manufacturer, we are constantly looking to make every possible improvement to our product ranges and our new three-product Multiwash PRO range is designed to work on every kind of flooring – washing, scrubbing and drying in a single pass, giving excellent and unrivalled cleaning results – and leaving floors ready for customers and staff to walk on in minutes.

As a leading global manufacturer and supplier of commercial and industrial floorcare machines, Truvox International is on a constant journey to improve its product lines and we have invested heavily to re-design the machine which effectively and efficiently delivers increased productivity. In fact, the versatile machines’ increased cylindrical brush diameter gives up to 12% more scrubbing power, and is vastly better results than those achieved using standard rotary machines.

Available in 24cm, 34cm and 44cm cleaning widths, the Multiwash PRO delivers productivity rates from 250 m3/h to 450 m3/h, and is easy to assemble, use and maintain. The new design features an increased brush diameter to provide improved cleaning performance, and the tanks are accessible and easily removed for fast filling, emptying and cleaning. The Multiwash PRO delivers exceptional productivity with a 4 litre tank, while an optional 7 litre tank is also available.

Truvox International’s Multiwash II was the benchmark for scrubber dryers for many years, and is so popular, that some customers were surprised that we had been able to make it even better.

Making cleaning visible

In recent years, there’s been a clear trend towards automation and robotics, particularly in larger premises. 

Automated cleaning tends to be scheduled for when buildings are empty, so while highly effective, it remains invisible to the general public.

There is a high cost of entry for robotic cleaning machines, offset by savings in labour costs, but the human element remains crucial in a post-Covid world. 

One of the legacies of the pandemic is a heightened focus on health and wellness, and a move towards making cleaning a ‘front-of-house’ routine, rather than something that’s carried out behind the scenes and out of hours. 

There’s little doubt that consumers are reassured when they see cleaning being carried out by humans using hand-operated walk-behind machines. That’s why a top priority during the design process for Multiwash PRO was to ensure that the range is simple and easy to use, while also looking great.

Another argument for automated machines is reliability, but the Multiwash PRO is renowned for its reliability, with close to zero warranty claims. The reliability and low maintenance costs for our machines is a built-in feature as we never swap out proven parts to make small savings, preferring to often ‘over-engineer’ machines to ensure user satisfaction and continuous reliability.

There can be an assumption that architects, specifiers, facilities managers and cleaning companies fully understand the differing priorities for ensuring the proper cleaning of different flooring surfaces, but in reality, that isn’t the case. Truvox International is a consultative business with many years of experience in the efficient cleaning of hundreds of different flooring types. So rather than specifying flooring new-build or refurbishing and then discovering down the line that there are cleaning issues which are difficult to resolve, we highly recommend talking to us first. 

Made in the UK

Last year, we brought the manufacturing of our Cimex carpet and hard-floor cleaning range back to the UK. Truvox International excels at manufacturing and being able to reinforce British manufacturing by saying ‘made in the UK’ is extremely important to us.

Cimex machines provide the perfect solution for hard, heavy-duty cleaning applications, and are therefore not something you would use on a daily basis. High-footfall premises in every sector require a thorough deep-clean around every four to six months, but post-Covid, all premises now need to ensure they’ve achieved a truly deep-clean. As well as creating a more hygienic and measurably cleaner environment, Cimex machines deliver major productivity savings as they can clean large areas with a single pass.

We’re a solutions business, and we can help build-in efficient cleaning for flooring choices, while supplying expertise and an unbeatable range of British-made machines which are guaranteed to deliver high-standards time after time.

In our journey of constant development and improvement, we are currently working on developing and introducing several new ranges designed specifically to handle every flooring cleaning challenge.

 Effective on all floors from carpets to hard floors, and escalators to entrance matting, the  Multiwash PRO leaves floors ready to walk on in minutes.

Truvox International brought the manufacturing of the Cimex carpet and hard-floor cleaning range back to the UK in 2021.

Gordon McVean is executive director at Truvox International.

For more information visit www.truvox.com