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Helping hospitals keep infection rates down

09 February 2015

Patients are willing to travel up to 100 miles to find a hospital with acceptable infection rates, according to a recent report.

The research also found that 76% of people would ask their GP to only refer them to a hospital with a good infection rate record even if it was not their nearest one.  

Infection control has been high on the news agenda recently with another study revealing that doctors and nurses are struggling to find time for hand-washing during their busy shifts. In the investigation it found that hand-washing procedures dropped by an average of 8.7% towards the end of a 12-hour shift. 


TEALis a leading manufacturer of portable hand-wash units. Its managing director Manty Stanley said: "We know that doctors and nurses these days are under increasing amounts of pressure throughout the working day. TEAL units make it easier and more convenient for front-line staff to adhere to the NHS-guidelines in hand-washing. Our hand-wash units are portable and do not require plumbing or access to mains water or drainage. 


"They can be easily located in any area of need and can help staff conserve precious time walking to and from basins that can sometimes be located far away. Our new TEAL Task Force (TTF) service is ideal for when a hired unit is required at short notice because of an infection or viral outbreak."

The TEAL Stop n’Wash unit has been built to educate and encourage the correct hand-washing procedures. The unit features a synchronised display which takes users through an automatic, seven-step rubbing programme as laid down by the NHS. The TEAL Task Force (TTF) has been created to help tackle medical emergencies immediately with a ‘next day’ delivery service of hired portable hand wash units.