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The Building Futures Group to produce UK FM Manifesto

22 December 2014

The Building Futures Group will be producing the first UK Manifesto that specifically focuses on the facilities management industry.

The Group announced its public affairs strategy as the UK begins to prepare for next year's General Election. This is the latest initiative in the Group’s drive to ensure that the massive contribution FM makes to the UK economy, essential services and society is understood and recognised by future policy makers, end users and public alike.

To produce the UK FM Manifesto the group will be surveying its members who represent over 70% of the UK FM Industry, to ascertain what they need the next government to deliver to ensure that the FM sector can continue to contribute to the smooth running of the economy, and enable the UK to retain its competitive edge in an increasingly competitive global arena.

The research data will form the core aspects of the Group’s election strategy and become the foundation for the group’s continuing public affairs work after the election as it continues to expand its influence in the business and decision making arenas.

Sarah Bentley, CEO of The Building Futures Group, said: "As a new organisation we have already made a huge impact on promoting the essential services the FM Sector delivers. Our public affairs work in the build up to and after the General Election next year will ensure that the FM industry is noticed, valued and understood by our elected officials and Government. For too long FM has not been recognised by policy makers and we are changing that."

The Group’s planned public affairs work will include:
  • Sending every newly elected MP and newly appointed Minister the UK FM Manifesto 
  • Developing links with MPs who have a large FM presence in their constituency and communicate and meet with them to show the benefits of the industry presence in terms of jobs, skills and running essential services
  • Working with interested MPs to develop an All Parliamentary Group in FM
  • Continuing to develop the Group’s close links with key government departments to develop initiatives which recognise the value of FM to the UK economy and the nation's essential services
  • The Group will be surveying its members to form the basis of the UK FM Manifesto and other key FM industry stakeholders and end users in the New Year.
The Group invites all companies operating in the FM arena to express their interest in helping to shape The UK FM Manifesto.
The Building Futures Group has been formed following the merger of the Cleaning & Support Services Association (CSSA), Asset Skills and the Facilities Management Association (FMA). It is the only organisation in the UK collectively representing the housing, property, cleaning, parking and facilities management sectors.