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High shine floor pads

17 September 2014

50 years ago, 3M introduced the world's first synthetic non-woven floor pads. Now, the company is raising the bar again with 3M Scotch-Brite High Shine Floor Pads, which are engineered to last three times longer than existing high performance floor pads.

The Scotch-Brite High Shine Floor Pad was developed in response to customer demand for a premium pad that boosts productivity and lowers costs, without compromising shine.


Not only does it clean and polish marble, terrazzo and concrete floors to a brilliant gloss finish in just one process – it also maintains a consistent performance across three times more flooring compared to existing high performance products, as proven in laboratory tests.

"Contract cleaners are under increasing pressure to improve productivity and reduce costs without compromising standards," Tim Copner, 3M’s business development manager for cleaning products, says. "Retailers, airports, shopping malls and hotels all view floor maintenance as critical to their brand perception and customer experience. With Scotch-Brite High Shine Floor Pads you can achieve the same high-gloss floor finish at a total lower cost."

The key to the floor pads’ durability lies in their construction. Not only do they incorporate mineral abrasives on both surfaces of the pad, allowing for double-sided use – they contain abrasives within the pad itself for even greater durability. 

The floor pads are kinder on the environment too, requiring no chemical strippers, coatings or finishes. Double-sided, washable and reusable, they are said to last longer than existing high performance floor pads, helping to reduce landfill disposal.

Scotch-Brite High Shine Floor Pads are available in two grades: Sienna High Shine for cleaning and polishing worn and dull floors in poor initial condition; and Purple High Shine for buffing to a brilliant gloss finish.