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Optimum cleaning performance

25 April 2014

. . . minimum environmental impact.

How do you judge whether a product has a high or low impact on the environment? Some manufacturing companies may decide that if a product contains biodegradable surfactants or has a neutral pH, it is sufficient justification to make such claims. If a highly active neutral product is used undiluted, how does this compare with an alkali product that is diluted 1 part to 100 parts water?

There are various schemes used throughout Europe but none takes into account all of the relevant factors.

For this reason one of Evans’ experienced research chemists, Sandra Wright, devised a unique system for assessing the overall environmental impact of a product, taking into account the formulation, manufacture, packaging, use and disposal of the product. We have called this scheme the ‘Wright Environmental Impact Rating’ (W.E.I.R.) scheme.

The impact rating is determined using 7 criteria:-

1. Raw materials used.

2. Risk of release to the environment.

3. Environmental hazard classification.

4. Impact of water used in product.

5. Impact of usage.

6. pH balance.

7. Impact of energy used to prepare & manufacture a finished product.

Every Evans Vanodine product is analysed using the W.E.I.R. system and awarded a score for each of the 7 criteria. The lower the overall score for each product, the lower the impact on the environment. Products which achieve a low impact rating are identified by a green tick logo on the label.

One advantage of the W.E.I.R. system is that is has enabled us to highlight products with the lowest impact within categories. Evans Vanodine firmly believes that, rather than simply using any product labelled as ‘green’, it is more important to select a product that has been specifically formulated to be fit for its purpose, used at the recommended dilution rate and disposed of responsibly.

Find out more at our dedicated environment website http://www.evansgreentick.com