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Rawlins to represent Kaivac in UK

17 April 2014

Denis Rawlins has partnered with Kaivac to become its representative in the UK.

Rawlins has over 40 years of experience working with commercial cleaning equipment. 


James White, managing director of Rawlins, said: "We are excited to represent Kaivac and extremely pleased for the opportunity we’ve been given to work with our UK customers to help improve cleaning programs and standards through the unique products Kaivac offers.”

Kaivac, originator of the No Touch Cleaning System, considers this an important step in its renewed commitment to support the UK market.


"There has been a tremendous demand from British customers for easier access to Kaivac products for some time now,” Marc Ferguson, international business development manager at Kaivac, said.


"In 2014, Kaivac is dedicating the time and resources needed to respond to and better serve these customers. They know Kaivac is a major solution to many of the cleaning challenges faced in facility management today. We think Rawlins is an ideal partner to help Kaivac develop the relationships necessary in the UK to make growth a reality.”



With the release of the versatile new Omniflex Crossover Cleaning System, Kaivac gives UK customers access to another hygienic cleaning system that is said to be very affordable and effective at removing tough soils.