Escalator cleanliness going up

17 October 2016

​Building managers need no longer compromise on escalator cleaning following the UK launch of a low cost and highly effective manual cleaning system.

Despite being the most heavily used, expensive and potentially dangerous piece of flooring in many buildings, escalators and travelators tend to be cleaned less often and less effectively than the floors around them. Floor cleaning teams often steer clear for fear of damaging escalator machinery while specialised cleaning and equipment are expensive. But now escalators and travelators can be integrated into the daily cleaning routine easily and cheaply with the REN Clean system. 

Introduced to the UK by Denis Rawlins, REN Clean uses an engineered sponge pad that slots into the treads of the escalator, effectively combing dirt, grease and other soils from the oncoming steps. The REN pad holder is light and has a telescopic handle. It takes just one person as little as 15 minutes or less to soak the pad in a trough of solution, fit the pad, and remove it after a thorough cleaning cycle. 

“We’ve demonstrated the REN Clean system in banks, shops, shopping centres and airports,” James White, MD of Denis Rawlins, said, “and the consensus is that this is a welcome cost-saving alternative that will allow more frequent and effective cleaning."