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How HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning Makes A Difference

13 August 2013

Two well-known and documented factors exist in carpet maintenance.

First, that around 85% of the soil in a carpet is dry and this is best removed by vacuuming. The remaining 15% is sticky soil, adheres to the carpet fibres and requires more work. Second, that carpet gets soiled where people walk, approaching 90% of soil is tracked onto carpets from outside areas or from internal hard surfaces. The remaining soil is airborne. So we need to concentrate our effort Where People Walk. The HOST system recognises these factors.

The system has two counter rotating brushes and these will raise the carpet pile – a vertical pile looks better and is easier to clean. Also, integral to the system is a powerful vacuum. The combination of these two elements means maximum dry soil extraction. There are no paper bags and so the vacuum efficiency remains constant. A simple Powerbrush and Vacuuming action works.

The application of HOST cleaner is the next stage and this is applied to areas that are showing any remaining soiling. This soiling, adhering to the carpet, needs chemistry and agitation to remove it. HOST cleaner, is based on a natural sponge like material that is plant based. This organic base is loaded with just the right amount of water, detergent and cleaner. We don't use any petroleum based solvents. The cleaner is brushed through the carpet using the same brushing method – without, of course, the vacuum! The cleaner can often be seen to change colour as it soils. After this process the vacuum is switched on and the soiled cleaner removedimmediately; there is no need to wait for the cleaner to dry.

A range of brushes, with varying degrees of stiffness are available to cope with carpets ranging from the very soft and delicate to hard wearing office carpets. The system also adapts well to cleaning natural fibres such as Sisal and Coir. Red brushes are used for cleaning grouted tiled areas.

The Freestyle system is very portable and takes less than five minutes to assemble and remove. Carpets are dry immediately and this means that cleaning could take place immediately before the opening of a facility. Areas do not need to be closed down to enable carpets to dry. Overall it's versatile, effective system that can be used on a daily basis – cleaning becomes a routine task and daily cleaning keeps carpets looking good.

In manufacturing the HOST system we have sought a number of approvals from bodies such as, Woolsafe, Greenseal and US government organisations such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Agriculture (USDA). We have our Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) research peer reviewed. We are proud of these approvals and our recommendations from Carpet Mills companies such as Brintons, Calderdale, DESSO, Interface Flor, Westex and the Alternative Flooring Company.