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New dawn of daytime cleaning

07 March 2013

Is daytime cleaning the way it's going? Gordon McVean, sales and marketing director of Truvox International offers some analysis

Is daytime cleaning the way it's going? Gordon McVean, sales and marketing director of Truvox International offers some analysis

It seems to be becoming more and more acceptable to organisations, large and small, to have cleaning done during the day. If your cleaning business is flexible enough to provide a team ready to start at say, 8am - when the first of the customer's office staff are arriving - and work around them during the early part of the normal business of the day, you have a significant advantage in bidding for contracts.This is particularly true if you have a range of machines particularly suitable for daytime cleaning conditions.

Cordless, battery powered machines have a lot going for them in terms of daytime cleaning, because it is best not to have trailing power leads that the people working might trip over.The Orbis Battery Scrubber, introduced by my company this year is a scrubber dryer that any contractor moving to more daytime cleaning should get to know, because it is compact, unusually manoeuvrable, easy to transport and store, and very cost-efficient.

A little help from your friends Few people are better at working out how to equip a cleaning team for a specific task than experienced floorcare machine sales engineers.The sales people at Truvox International view working with cleaning contractors to refine their decisions on floor care equipment as a routine part of the job.

They know how cleaners can do a better job in less time and thereby achieve greater competitiveness.They can help define the equipment that will give a contract cleaner the greatest versatility for a given budget and the means of tendering competitively for a wider range of work.

For example,many buildings have large areas of hard floor - often assembly areas, open-plan offices or showrooms. Most also have large areas of carpet.

Keeping both clean is labour and energy intensive.

Cleaning contractors therefore need to know about all developments that can help their budgets and objectives.

An important recent development for cleaning carpet is encapsulation technology. This encapsulates soil from among carpet fibres so that, instead of trying to vacuum unmodified oily grime or tar residues from carpet, the cleaners vacuum hard brittle encapsulated dirt which is easier to pick up.

The Cimex Encap system is a complete carpet cleaning system that makes the soil easily vacuumed, and also shampoos the carpet, leaving it nearly dry to the touch.The cleaned carpet repels soils and stains after treatment, no rinsing is required, there is no wicking and spots and stains do not reappear.

Efficiency on hard floors Wet or damp hard floors can cause accidents and claims for compensation, so contract cleaners have to avoid leaving floors damp, especially when cleaning by day. Here again, cleaning machine manufacturers have a key role to play and Truvox has an effective range of scrubber dryers that leave the floor dry after cleaning.

The Truvox Multiwash washes,mops, scrubs and dries both hard and soft floors in a single pass and leaves floors ready to walk on in minutes - an essential capability for health and safety compliance. It has quickly interchangeable brushes and easily accessible and removable tanks. It offers cleaners the ability to achieve greater speed, improved cleaning efficiency and drier floors immediately after cleaning to reduce the risk of accidents.

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