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Designed for healthcare environments

07 March 2013

A well-planned and properly fitted hospital sluice room is a cornerstone of hygiene and freedom from cross infections, says Miele Professional

A well-planned and properly fitted hospital sluice room is a cornerstone of hygiene and freedom from cross infections, says Miele Professional

There are many factors to consider when selecting sluice room equipment. From fixtures and fittings, such as installing tiled walls or aseptic laminate to make the room easier to clean through to sensor operated taps for enhanced hygiene. But when selecting laundry equipment, hospitals need to make sure the installed machine is fitted with a dump valve drain system and also features a special wash programme.The programme should be designed to effectively deal with the processing of infectious and potentially infectious laundry by applying the following sequence: High water level sluice cycle Thermal disinfection cycle one Thermal disinfection cycle two (option) Rinse cycles The initial sluice cycle incorporates mechanical action to break down solid particulates, which easily pass through the large diameter dump valve drain.Thermal disinfection takes place at time and temperature combinations as defined in NHS Executive Health Service Guideline HSG (95) 18.

Installations must conform to National Water Regulations; if the washing machine is connected to mains water it must have category 5-water protection backed up by a WRAS test certificate.

Reliable machines are essential to achieve consistent high standards concerning the processing of infected laundry in hospitals and nursing homes, and to minimise the risk of cross infection.

With Miele's freely programmable Profi-M controls on 10 kg to 32, in addition to the standard programmes such as cottons, minimum iron,woollens, and so on,Miele application engineers have developed wash programmes to cater for healthcare applications which meet UK directives and guidelines.The Profi-M control offers a high degree of flexibility to ensure 'future proofing' as and when the market dictates change.

Making cleaning larger loads easier The Miele Octoplus, a powerful PW 5105 10kg commercial washing machine is said to make cleaning larger loads easier with both 230v and 400v electrical versions available,wash loads can be increased without the expense of upgrading the power supply. It's 10kg 100-litre drum allows for easy loading of larger items, and the sluice cycle for thermal disinfection.

The PW 5105 comes with programs that conform to the requirements of The Care Standard Act 2000.

Octoplus machines offer short programme running times even in disinfection programmes.An additional self-cleaning hygiene programme is available to ensure the machine itself meets the utmost standards.

The operating costs of Miele's Octoplus product line are lower, especially in light of the rising energy prices.The washerextractor, for example,has energy savings of up to 73% and water savings of up to 56% compared to previous models.The machines have all the technical sophistication needed to ensure economical laundry care.