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Looking after luxury lifestylers

07 March 2013

Cannon Hygiene's services are key to supporting Harvey Nichols' objective to provide top quality goods and services to its customers and staff

Cannon Hygiene's services are key to supporting Harvey Nichols' objective to provide top quality goods and services to its customers and staff

Harvey Nichols is synonymous with 'international luxury lifestyle' and offers an 'ideal haven for shoppers and families to unwind'. At its flagship sites in Manchester and London, the company demands that the standard of its washroom facilities reflects its brand values.

"It's essential that our customers enjoy top quality facilities," says Andrew Kelly, Harvey Nichols'Manchester maintenance manager, "and we rely on our suppliers to help us create a clean and comfortable shopping experience." Today's consumer has such wide choice and high expectations that optimum levels of cleanliness and good hygiene are paramount in the retail sector. "It's not just about selling products," says Pat Gillingham, divisional sales director for Cannon,"you have to offer the client service solutions."

Safety and comfort Cannon Hygiene provides a 'one-stop-shop'premium range of washroom products and services to Harvey Nichols including feminine hygiene, hand cleansing and drying, air fresheners and sanitisers, infant care products and vending machines.

But for Harvey Nichols, just as important as the quality and feeling of luxury is customer protection.Cannon was able to help the client keep its washrooms visitor safe through specially designed features such as a push dispensing lever made with with Polygiene antibacterial technology which starts killing microbes on contact to break the transmission path of diseases.

It also supplied Prozone units which release natural ozone gas to destroy harmful microorganisms and airborne and surface bacteria as well as viruses in hard to reach areas.

The stores'nappy disposal units and feminine hygiene units contain Cannon's exclusive Activap germicide which eradicates 99.999% of potentially harmful bacteria in waste, as well as being effective against viruses including HIV,Hepatitis B and C.

Treading carefully A top priority for Harvey Nichols is the reduction of its carbon footprint and costs through energy saving.Cannon has helped to achieve this by installing the Cannon Air Jet which claims to reduce energy and running costs by up to 90% over traditional warm air hand dryers.Activap also uses entirely natural active ingredients which pose no threat to the environment and which degrade naturally if confined to landfill.

"We aim to build relationships with our customers, listening to and responding to their needs as these develop," concludes Gillingham.

"Our dedicated hygiene consultant is in touch with our client at Harvey Nichols on a very regular basis.This creates an environment of trust which leaves our clients free to concentrate on their core activities." Harvey Nichols'Andrew Kelly has worked in retail for many years and knows exactly what he is looking for in terms of products, quality and service excellence. "We know we can rely on Cannon to use their expertise and experience in the marketplace to help us achieve this," ends Kelly.