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Britons shun carpets in the bathroom, study shows

09 August 2019

Carpets are an impractical bathroom flooring choice, according to 84.2% of Brits.

A survey carried out by United Carpets and Beds asked the British public “Would you choose to have your bathroom carpeted?” Only 15.8% of respondents said they would consider carpeting, citing warmth and luxury as the reasons why.

Tahire Khan, head of Ecommerce at United Carpets and Beds, said: “Traditionally, a carpet may not have been an ideal flooring choice for a bathroom, but advancements in technology have meant that carpets can now be constructed to suit particular uses."

Fears that a carpet would become damp put off 42.8% of respondents. However, Khan says this issue could be addressed by choosing a water-resistant carpet specifically for bathroom use. 

The waterproof backing—an element distinguishing a bathroom carpet from one intended for general use—helps combat humidity and prevents moisture from penetrating through to the underlay.

A further 41.4% worried that a carpet would be difficult to clean—again a concern that could be addressed with the correct carpet choice, according to United Carpets & Beds. Bathroom carpets are usually 100% polypropylene, a washable material that is resistant to stains.

The company added that "a carpeted bathroom can provide warmth and comfort underfoot and also help prevent heat loss. Unlike tiles or lino—which can be slippery when wet—carpets can provide a safer, more comfortable flooring option, particularly for young children and the elderly".