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Introducing The new Scrubmaster B400 R Series

14 May 2021

Providing a convincing overall performance, the new Scrubmaster B400 R Series stands for excellent cleaning results in large industrial buildings and exhibition halls, or in airports and multi-storey parking facilities.

The machines’ high area performance, maximised battery capacity and large solution and recovery tanks ensure long hours of operation. Meeting all the criteria of an ergonomic, back-friendly workplace that guarantees hours of fatigue-free working, this new machine series has been awarded the AGR quality label. The on-board dosing system ensures efficient use of cleaning chemicals, and Hako-AntiBac® , which equips the tanks with antibacterial properties, fulfils particularly high hygiene requirements.

Three variants – countless possibilities

Various degrees of soiling combined with dried or cakey coarse dirt are particularly challenging for professional Cleaning Technoloy equipment. 

For these kind of cleaning tasks, Hako offers two different vacuum sweeper and scrubber-drier combi machines, the variants Schrubmaster B400 RH and Scrubmaster B400 RM.

The Scrubmaster B400 RH is equipped with a 150-litre dirt hopper and automated high dump, whereas the Scrubmaster B400 RM collects coarse dirt in two 44-litre dirt hoppers for manual emptying. In combination with the machines’ effective dust suction system, Hako’s innovative side broom jacket DustStop ensures low-dust sweeping and reduces dust and fine particulate pollution in the working environment.

The third variant of the new machine series, the scrubber-drier Scrubmaster B400 R, can be equipped with an optional quick-connect system for additional tools such as a light-debris collector, and a mop or broom unit.

Hako’s new Scrubmaster B400 R Series offers a comprehensive and economically efficient package for cleaning very large areas.

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