Pacvac backpacks Amsterdam

19 April 2024

AT INTERCLEAN Pacvac is demonstrating its backpack vacuum range, as part of the company's interactive stand.

The specialist in backpack vacuum technology will be showing its latest range as the company continues its mission to convert cleaners across the globe to productive and ergonomic backpack vacuum cleaning.

At the Pacvac exhibition, visitors will be able to strap into the display machines and explore the range of “more than floor” accessories in both a typical domestic, and commercial cleaning environment.

Amongst the machines on display and available to demo will be the Velo range; popular worldwide for being compact and lightweight, powerful enough to clean thoroughly yet small enough to get into tight spaces.

There has been particular excitement in the cleaning world about the new corded Velo backpack vacuum cleaner, delivering strong suction power driven by a 900W motor and weighting just 3.9kg!

For cleaning professionals who have been with Pacvac on their 46 year journey, Superpro has always been the machine of choice for backpack vacuuming.

So Pacvac are thrilled to be showcasing the latest editions of Superpro; the corded Superpro and the battery powered Superpro go.

Aside from their machines, Pacvac enthusiasts are looking forward to trying on the innovative new Ecoharness which comes standard with both the Velo and Superpro ranges.

Made from at least 50% rPet (recycled polyethylene terephthalate), Pacvac’s executive director Donna Rothwell, is confident it will be well received in Amsterdam, a capital known for its forward-thinking commitment to sustainability.

“Pacvac is proud to offer a harness made from recycled plastic water bottles as part of our commitment to a more sustainable product offering,” Rothwell says.

“In fact everything we’re bringing to Amsterdam has been designed with the future in mind, from height adjustability and well padded harnesses for our customers wellbeing, through to the high quality filtration for cleaner air included in our machines.

We’re very excited to be able to showcase these latest innovations at the world’s leading trade show for cleaning and hygiene professionals!”

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