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Premier League food hygiene ratings revealed

10 January 2024

IN A recent development, Manchester United Football Club received a 1-star rating from the Food Standards Agency. This stems from a food hygiene investigation triggered by an incident involving the service of 'raw chicken' at an event held at Old Trafford on 21 November 2023.

This revelation has sparked concern among fans of various teams, prompting them to question the hygiene standards at their own team's venues as they continue to attend football matches until the end of the Premier League season in May.

Cleanology, a leading corporate cleaning service, has meticulously evaluated the food hygiene ratings of all Premier League teams, providing a comprehensive ranking from best to worst.

Securing top honours, Brentford, Brighton, Everton, Liverpool, and West Ham United proudly hold 5-star food hygiene ratings. Through impeccable handling of burgers, fries, hot dogs, and more, these establishments consistently deliver excellence. Their commitment extends beyond the culinary realm, as they maintain impeccable cleanliness and safety standards in the kitchens and facilities where food is prepared.

Crystal Palace and Luton Town FC find themselves positioned lower on the chart, with food hygiene standards marked as 'generally satisfactory.' However, considering the substantial fan turnout on match days - 30,000 for Crystal Palace and 11,500 for Luton Town - merely satisfactory hygiene standards fall short of meeting the culinary expectations of the thousands of eager fans. 

At the bottom of Cleanology's premier league food hygiene standard chart, we find Manchester United. The club, which once held a stellar food hygiene rating of five for Old Trafford, deemed 'very good,' has recently encountered a setback. Following an incident in late 2023, they now bear a 1-star rating, the club states they are determined to improve their food hygiene standards moving forward.

Food hygiene inspections involve evaluating three key aspects: the hygienic handling of food, the physical condition of the business (cleanliness, layout, etc.), and the management of processes to ensure food safety. Inspectors assess these elements to determine the confidence in maintaining hygiene standards in the future, ensuring the overall safety and quality of the food establishment.