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A testament to progress and innovation

05 January 2024

THE STAGING of the Cleaning Excellence Conference & Awards 2023 stands as a remarkable testament to the strides and innovations prevalent in the cleaning industry.

The event, hosted at the CBS Arena in Coventry, was a beacon of positivity and progress, supported generously by industry leaders like 2 Pure, I-team, Kärcher, and Soap2O.

Gathering a lineup of esteemed industry leaders and experts, the conference served as a hub for thought-provoking discussions centred around critical industry themes such as raising standards, fostering sustainability, and nurturing professional growth. Paul Ashton's opening address, infused with a vision for transformative changes and setting new benchmarks, laid a foundation for the day's conversations.

The event showcased a myriad of presentations, each delivering powerful insights. Notable highlights included Natalie Bungay from the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) who shared her invaluable insights into identifying and managing common pests in premises, and Delia Cannings, chair of the British Cleaning Council (BCC), who emphasised the criticality of education, addressing COVID variants, and professional development within the industry.

All the talks highlighted the industry's united efforts toward achieving sustainability goals and fostering innovation.

The collaboration with the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) was a pivotal addition. BICSc's co-hosted conference provided an invaluable platform for attendees, offering a rich array of CPD seminars and cutting-edge training services. BICSc's commitment to excellence and education was palpable, underscoring the event's commitment to fostering learning and development within the industry.

The pinnacle of the event, The Cleaning Excellence Awards, was a celebration of excellence and innovation within the industry. The awards recognised exceptional individuals, products, and teams across various categories. Renato De Souza's recognition as the Cleaning Operative of the Year and Stan Atkins receiving the esteemed Lifetime Achievement Award were moments that encapsulated the dedication, innovation, and excellence prevalent in the industry. The awards were a testament to the industry's commitment to excellence and innovation.

The networking drinks sponsored by The Hill Club at the end of the day provided an ideal environment for industry professionals to connect and explore collaboration opportunities. It was a fitting conclusion to a day filled with positivity and progress.

Overall, The Cleaning Excellence Conference & Awards 2023 was not merely an industry event; it was a vibrant testament to the collective commitment to propel the industry toward higher standards and sustainability. The event showcased the industry's dedication to innovation, excellence, and a shared vision for transformative growth.