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Zero-hour exclusivity clauses are banned

08 June 2015

New rules have been introduced by former business secretary Vince Cable to ban exclusivity clauses in zero-hours contracts.

Exclusivity clauses prevent workers on zero-hours contracts from taking work elsewhere, even when their employer provides no work. Last year Cable launched a consultation to explore the banning of the exclusivity clauses.


At the time the former business secretary said: "We are looking closely at any potential loopholes that could arise from a ban, to ensure that these are closed off and no one can get round the new law. We are also ensuring there is access to justice for workers treated unfairly."


Minister for the Department for Business, Innovations and Skills, Nick Boles, said: "We want all working people in Britain to have a fair chance to earn a decent living.


"Exclusivity clauses in zero-hours contracts prevent people from boosting their income when they have no guarantee of work. Banning these clauses will give working people the freedom to take other work opportunities and more control over their work hours and income. It brings financial security one step closer for lots of families in Britain."


The new rules came into effect on 26th May.