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Good things DO come in small packages!

11 January 2023

Prochem has announced the launch of the 11.4” TM3 CRB.

CRB stands for contra-rotating brushes. The twin brushes rotate in opposite directions giving a very stable and balanced cleaning system.

This latest model joins a prestigious stable of CRB units which includes the larger 17” TM4 and the PRO 35. Looking for a more compact, lightweight alternative? The stainless steel TM3 is the solution and only weighs 12kg.

Most carpet cleaners enhance their results by choosing a CRB machine to brush in their presprays before rinse extracting. They simply make light work of agitation.

However, that’s not all they can do. Firstly, CRB machines are excellent pile lifters: they can re-generate those tired, worn carpets giving them a new lease of life.

Secondly, when fitted with a set of renovator trays, they can be used to pre-vacuum prior to cleaning. This is often more effective than using an upright vacuum machine due to the CRB’s weight and its 400rpm brush rotation; their 12,000 bristles do a great job agitating and picking up more dry soil.

Thirdly, as many professional carpet care specialists know, some carpets should not be wet cleaned, so that leaves dry or low moisture cleaning.

With Prochem's C803 Fiberdri dry cleaning compound, carpets can be regularly cleaned and maintained preventing possible shrinkage, jute browning and dye-bleed issues.

Carpets and rugs made of silk or viscose are ideal for this method of cleaning with just a quick change of brushes to the softest, white brush option.

Once the CRB dry cleaning is complete, by simply re-attaching the renovator trays the used compound can be picked up without any issues.

The CRB range of machines can all be fitted with an array of brushes suitable to the job in hand, such as hard floors, industrial carpets or delicate flooring type.

The TM3 also has another trick up it’s little sleeve: It can be fitted with a short handle, making stair cleaning a whole lot easier.

That’s the new TM3: worth investigating for an easier life cleaning.

Any of these units are available for demonstration at your location by contacting the Prochem Sales Office (tel 020 8974 1515) or your local Prochem distributor.