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High pressure hooded floor tool

24 August 2021

CLEAN FLOORS throughout a business are an essential part of hygiene routines in the food processing, beverage, brewing, hospitality and foodservice sectors.

From reception, through to the factory, to rest rooms they are critical in ensuring safety and cleanliness standards are met and its key to remember there’s not a one size fits all solution.  Floorcare maintenance differs for every facility, with different floors requiring the use of different cleaning products and methods.  Holchem’s team offers advice on long-term cleaning and maintenance programmes for all the flooring within their business with cost effective and practical solutions.

The Holchem online shop sells a number of products that are suited to cleaning Epoxy Resin Floors  (used in a wide range of environments – warehouses, factories, schools, kitchens, garages, instore areas and in homes) and Polyurethane Floors (manufactured for the most demanding industrial and commercial environments.  These include aerospace and food production industries, where performance is the driving factor in floor specification. This is often due to the presence of highly aggressive acids and alkalis).

The products include the Stainless Steel high pressure hooded floor tool - A stainless steel floor tool which operates with a series of jets that spray high pressure water via nozzles located under the hood.  The floor tool connects to a high-pressure gun to give control of water applied.  The unit is fitted with wheels to enable easy movement and use.

For more information visit www.holchem.co.uk