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Eco professional cleaning

01 July 2021

DELPHIS ECO has pioneered recycled plastic packaging, turning milk bottles into the first-ever 100% recycled plastic bottle.

It is made in the UK, promoting British innovation and craftmanship, and our careful approach minimises both waste and carbon emissions. Last year, Delphis Eco customers saved the planet 3,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions as well as removing 13 million single-use trigger plastic bottles from landfill and incineration. 

Our products are more powerful, effective, and safer than the multitude of cleaning products used in the professional cleaning industry. Delphis Eco products are loved by cleaning professionals country-wide as they are kinder to the environment without compromising on cleaning power.   

Over the last 18 months, our focus has naturally turned to cleanliness, hygiene, living more sustainably and taking action in our lives to make a positive difference. 

Enter Delphis Eco, a British-made ecological cleaning range that’s spent ten years delivering cleaning excellence in esteemed hotels, palaces, restaurants, stately homes, commercial enterprises, educational establishments, supermarkets, zoos, hospitals and households. The cleaning range has been developed specifically to help stop the negative impact we have on our planet whilst cleaning to a professional standard.

“Nowadays consumers are a lot more conscientiuous when it comes to purchasing products and services, they seek out services that have sustainable best practices and are willing to pay more for eco-friendly products. By using the Delphis Eco cleaning range in your business, the result is high-performing products that do the job but also keep the user and the environment front of mind.” says Mark Jankovich, founder and CEO of Delphis Eco. 

Delphis Eco is an award-winning, environmentally friendly cleaning range made from renewable, plant-based ingredients and entirely recycled packaging. The range is formulated to be kind to our hands, businesses, families, pets and oceans. All of our products are free from phosphates, nasty chemicals and toxins while cleaning highly effectively. They are never tested on animals and we are also honoured to hold Royal Warrants from HM The Queen and HRH The Prince of Wales.  

To find out more on the Delphis Eco professional cleaning range visit www.delphiseco.com