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Working towards a cleaner environment

15 June 2021

Environmentally focused innovation is a top priority for Hako and, as Sylvie Giangolini observes, their future-orientated solutions continue to solve a wide range of cleaning challenges

THE COMPANY has recently added two new street-cleansing machines to its line-up - the 2-tonne Citymaster 650 and larger 3.5 tonne Citymaster 1650. The machines are already proving their worth with local authorities as they navigate their journey to becoming carbon-free by 2030. 

As councils are focusing more carefully on the environmental impact of their machines, it’s important that they can make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing new vehicles and maximising the year-round useability of their fleet. Hako Machines have developed and innovated their Citymaster range to help customers save time, resources and hefty bills. Their one-for-all approach ensures that councils can get better ROI with multifunctional machines, rather than purchasing individual machines to perform single tasks. 

Councils are having to make spending cuts and squeeze even more out of their tight budgets. Hako provides multifunctional and technical solutions for all cleaning and municipal requirements. The Citymaster range is designed with true multifunctionality in mind, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

The brand-new Citymaster 650 is a compact machine with articulated steering, permanent all-wheel drive and extensive features to further increase safety and comfort for the operator. It’s designed to reduce fuel consumption meeting the emission limit requirements of the Stage V Exhaust Emission Standard. Details such as the energy-saving drive control system and three different performance levels reduce the machine’s fuel consumption both in work mode and during road travel. 

The one-for-all multifunctionality is expertly woven into the compact design thanks to a simple attachment system which allows a range of implements to be quickly changed to re-purpose the machine. From winter service, green area maintenance or wet cleaning tasks. The Hako Citymaster can do it all – making it both more efficient and economical.

Intelligent drives

The larger 3.5 tonne class Citymaster 1650 is a further developed version of the 1600 model with new 2- or 3-broom comfort sweeping technology and the smallest turning circle in its class as well as increased driving and operating comfort. The broom heads can be adjusted to allow adaptation of the sweeping brooms to the inclination angles of different types of gutters. The floor cleaning machine’s customarily compact design ensures excellent manoeuvrability, even in confined areas. Footpaths with high kerbs are no problem at all for the new Citymaster 1650, nor for the driver – thanks to the full-suspension chassis. It’s intelligent drives, low emission engine with a particle filter and EUnited-certified dust control system work for the environment as well as the driver.

Hako UK’s municipal sales manager, Mark Fellows, commented: “We have been very lucky to have a strong start to 2021 with UK councils continuing to invest in our multi-functional outdoor cleaning machines. The Citymaster's 'one for all' approach is really making a difference to our customers and it's great our machines are adding value to their fleets.”

The latest addition to Hako’s line-up and with pre-orders well underway is the brand new all-electric Citymaster 1650ZE. With this new zero emission option, Hako have become one of the first approved suppliers on the UK’s first framework for ultra-low emission vehicles, headed up by Nottingham City Council. Hako Machines are committed to a cleaner and more sustainable future and are continually innovating products to drive down carbon footprint. The significantly reduced energy costs and durability of the 1650ZE components will keep Hako leading the way, playing their part in the UK’s net-zero carbon goals. 

Sylvie Giangolini is managing director at Hako Machines UK.

For more information visit https://www.hako.co.uk/