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Meet Roboscrub the 'Cobot'

05 May 2020

A new robotic cleaner working hand in hand with humans is designed to free up manpower, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

UK companies are always open to new technologies and they are already showing a lot of interest in autonomous floor care because of cost control and efficiency.

So what are the benefits of robotic floor care? Sylvie Giangolini Hako’s managing director takes up the story: “Roboscrub is very simply the best in class self-driving floor care machine. It is an advanced, vision-based scrubbing system capable of navigating complex, real world environments.

“Operators will find that it increases efficiency and lowers operational costs. It allows people to focus on higher value cleaning tasks, it ensures greater reliability and more consistent floor cleaning performance and, furthermore, it elevates janitorial skills by offering a robot operator certification programme.

“As media reports continue to show there is virtually full employment in the UK and there is likely to be a continuing shortage of labour, so it makes huge sense to find autonomous solutions,” she said.

Hako offers an in-depth deployment and setup programme for buyers which can range from three to five days depending on the size of the facility. The instruction process is designed as a ‘train the trainer’ programme where Hako will train staff to train other robot operators. 

“We call it a ‘Cobot’ because it is a co-worker and should be regarded as that. It is all about using it to work alongside and hand in hand with a human. That’s how you get the very best results.” 

“One of the best ways to maximise the efficiency of the Roboscrub is to conduct work in parallel. After users start the scrubber on its designated cleaning route, they can edge clean at the same time or even move onto other tasks such as dusting or cleaning windows," said Sylvie.

One of the most powerful benefits of the Roboscrub is provided by the data reports which include information about performance and utilisation. Reports include information regarding total manual and robotic usage. In addition, reports detail the time of day the robotic scrubber is being used and for how long. Valuable data which can help drive budgetary and operational decisions. It enables you to identify trouble spots, confirm compliance and determine if your staff need additional training.

Safety is, of course, paramount when operating an autonomous machine and the Roboscrub is designed with advanced sensors to prevent collisions and help stay clear of obstacles, people or abrupt changes in floor height such as stairs. To deter unauthorised use, while in self-driving mode the robotic scrubber will stop if anyone attempts to ride or operate it.

Furthermore, the stopping distance for the machine is approximately half that of a human operator, ensuring maximum safety at all times.

Next generation floor care
The BrainOS software can store up to 60 routes. The machine also benefits from being both a manual and autonomous machine. Route mapping is managed locally and performed by a trained operator therefore no engineer is required resulting in additional operational savings.

  • Ability to memorise and store up to sixty routes
  • Can be used in manual or autonomous modes
  • New technology requires no infrastructure modifications
  • Capable of navigating complex and dynamic environments
  • Eliminates collision damage and reduces likely hood of collision
  • Ensures consistent and reliable floor care performance
  • Allows employees to focus on higher value tasks
  • Simple operator setup and use.

Want to know more? Speak to Hako's friendly team of experts. 
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