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Boosts membrane cleaning flexibility

18 April 2019

Divos A1 Smart Membrane Cleaner from Diversey is an innovative detergent to help ensure environmental and safety regulation compliance in the dairy industry.

Divos A1 is a competitive Phosphorous-free (P-free) acidic product which can be used for descaling or acidic cleaning of membranes involved in common filtration processes, while supporting maximum membrane life. 

Companies in the sector currently rely upon traditional acidic detergent formulations, which typically have pH-limited in-use concentrations in order to avoid membrane damage. Consequently, these common detergents provide limited flexibity on in-use dilutions, usually respecting the pH tolerances of the membranes specified by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

With more and more soft water being used and pH limitations of membranes becoming stricter, Diversey identified a clear need for a buffered acidic product. Divos A1 detergent provides buffered in-use solutions that respect the pH tolerance of the membrane. In addition, this new detergent is non toxic and delivers a higher capacity of Calcium Phosphate removal and more flexible cleaning protocols for in-use dilution ranges. 

Divos A1 also addresses another common industry problem. The phosphoric acid-based formulas of traditional acid detergents are not compatible with Ceramic MF membranes and often leads to higher phosphorous discharges. However, Divos A1’s P-free formula enables enhanced removal of inorganic soils which is compatible and safe for all membrane types and is endorsed by the main membrane OEMs. Divos A1 is also fully compatible with Diversey’s Divos(r) range. Divos A1 also delivers improved results against current cleaning procedures and is supported by specialized knowledge from Diversey’s Membrane Experts Team. 

Dr. Ir. Sandy te Poele, R&D project manager at Diversey F&B, said: "Everyone involved in processing in the dairy industry understands that the lower the pH, the better the Calcium Phosphate removal that is obtained. Membranes usually have limited the low end pH at 1.8. Inevitably, with standard acidic descalers you will achieve this limit at very little in-use dilution, due to the high acidity and non-buffered characteristics of its formulation. Whereas, Divos A1 promotes a buffered effect which enables the in-use dilution to have additional cleaning power – and all without exceeding the pH tolerance limits of the membrane.”

Divos A1 starts to remove Ca-Phosphate at a pH of 2.4, while ordinary chemicals start at a pH of 2.2. At a pH of 1.8, Divos A1 completes a full solubilization of Ca-Phosphate; while at the same pH, ordinary chemicals can only achieve 70% of total Ca-Phosphate removal. 

Dr. Ir. Sandy te Poele continued: “Divos A1 provides a significant range of benefits for companies using membrane systems in the dairy industry. It improves water flux by more efficient Ca removal and increases the expected membrane lifetime by safer pH control. Divos A1 also improves system efficiency and output by reducing CIP-downtime. Crucially, working with a P-free chemistry allows for higher quality effluent emissions, which allows companies to avoid fees on phosphorous discharge. Divos A1 will undoubtedly help you to accomplish the pH established in your membrane system warranty terms and deliver the expected product output.”