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Anti-coronavirus spray heading for £1million in sales

18 November 2020

AS WITH most manufacturers, the year has been challenging for cleaning chemical manufacturer, Greyland. However, continuous investment in production equipment, together with forward planning, innovation and efficiencies, plus rapid reaction to customer demand, have staved off the worst of the effects of the current virus-induced lockdown and subsequent downturn.

After launching its Maximum Eco environmental range in March, the first comprehensive product line of its kind that includes not only a UK-sourced Probiotic Enzymes range, but also a water-based range as well; successfully passing CHSA accreditation for its new Cleaning Chemical Manufacturers Scheme this Summer;  increasing the amount of recycled polymer in its bottles to an unprecedented 40% in the UK, Greyland now says it will  have comfortably sold over £1million worth of its new one-minute anti-coronavirus Spray and Wipe Ultra by Christmas.
Ready to use and and foodsafe, it was only launched on restricted sale in April this year, but has been a sales phenomenon ever since, primarily due to its 1-minute effective kill time.

Spray & Wipe Ultra is an aldehyde-free high performance disinfectant and thus is an essential product in the fight against cross infection in hospitals, care homes, schools, leisure centres and sports facilities, hotels and all workplaces.
Launching now due to high demand is a perfumed 50:1 concentrate, Citrus Ultra 4-in-1 formulated to clean, disinfect, deodorise and descale many surfaces in high traffic washrooms. Effective against a wide spectrum of micro-organisms including E-coli and coronaviruses, large sales are expected for Citrus Ultra 4-in-1 very quickly too.
Available right now from Greyland, established 1999..

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