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One Unique Cloth. Twice the Performance!

28 October 2013

Vileda Professional, the leader in professional cleaning innovations, is pleased to announce the latest addition to its microfibre cloth range – PVAmicro which combines the properties of knitted microfibre and PVA.

This innovative new product is completely unique to Vileda Professional and includes patented technology that allows for streak free, scratch free cleaning. Due to the unique PVA coating, the knitted microfibre cloth is proven to exhibit excellent rinsability, holding 60 times less dirt particles after rinsing compared to a conventional knitted microfibre cloth. This dramatically reduces the risk of damage to sensitive surfaces and the surface also dries faster. 

"Professional car valeters and window cleaners have been using our PVA technology for years due to its excellent absorbency and streak-free properties that are so vital when cleaning glass and other glossy surfaces," comments Karen Barker, marketing manager for Vileda Professional. 

As well as exhibiting excellent microfibre cleaning performance, PVAmicro also provides cost savings due to its ability to be washed up to 400 times without losing its effectiveness. 

It’s clear to see why PVAmicro is fast becoming a favourite amongst cleaning professionals when it provides ecological cleaning, improved satisfaction due to the superior cleaning capabilities, and the added benefits of cost savings and reduced wastage.