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Video calls, the new normal

03 March 2021

DESPITE ENTERING a technical recession in the UK, COBA Europe is seeing strong demand for its products.

In particular, the company's COVID response range has been helping business across the country get COVID secure. In addition, it is seeing growing interest in matting solutions more generally, as business operations in all sectors get back up to speed. The virus may be the new enemy but standing fatigue and the risk of slips hasn't gone away.

Product training
One of the most important things when selling matting is to understand which product is right for which environment, and with Coba's product range continuing to expand, having the latest know-how is key. And in addition to new products, Coba's website and associated digital tools continue to be developed. A number of things can be presented, an in-depth introduction to the latest products in the range, or there are some handy features on the website you may not yet be familiar with. The company also provides a bespoke session with sales forces to ensure that they leave with the right information to support business development. 

Virtual site visits
Coordinating joint visits is much more of a challenge now than it has even been. Setting aside the difficulties that travel presents, site-specific rules and PPE requirements are making it harder to visit the end user in either a comfortable or economical way. So why not use video call to speak with your account manager whilst on site? They can assess the environment visually and provide products advice based on this. You never know, this may provide your sales advisors the confidence to offer an effective matting solution where otherwise a sales opportunity may be lost. And with Coba's free sample service your customer could be holding examples of the shortlisted of products within a few days.

We’ve all been on a journey over the last few months, getting used to the ‘new normal’ of video calling, be that with your team, your boss or your friends, and we’ve all suffered an awkward moment or two I’m sure. So, whether you prefer to use Skype, MS Teams, or something else, we are happy to work around you, and minor technical glitches won’t get in the way of a productive sessions with your account manager!
To arrange a product training session or joint site visit please contact your account manager today.