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Keeping the cleaning sector consistent and clear

29 September 2020

YOU WILL have noticed on social media outlets that many are calling for the cleaning industry to stand together to present a strong single voice and face the challenges of an unpredictable future.

One such name is Dennis Goodwin, ISSA's education & certification business development manager for UK, Ireland and Middle East, who warns that the impact of the global pandemic has raised consciousness of the value of clean as never before.

With heightened expectations, asserts Dennis, there is a new awareness of how the services we provide create safer environments and protect lives. He observes: "There is a new respect for our industry which offers us a unique opportunity."

According to Dennis, if we are to grasp this opportunity, it’s now more important than ever to appear as a united industry and to speak with one voice.

He says: "We all need to stand together. ‘Stronger together’ is the mantra we must all adopt in difficult times, and as an essential foundation for a successful future.

"ISSA, as the voice of the global cleaning association, is also your voice. You cannot face these formidable challenges on your own. Together our voice is more likely to be heard. ISSA provides a global platform for cooperation that’s crucial for sharing knowledge and experiences, and winning new customers. Making collaboration our lifeblood prepares for an unpredictable and rapidly changing global economy. With a common mission, we can inspire each other to grow and become even stronger for the benefit of all."

The confusion surrounding health messages throughout the pandemic illustrates the strength of a single voice in safeguarding content and clarity. In moving from traditional cleaning for appearance to a cleaning for health approach, Dennis believes we need to be consistent in the terms we use: "They should be at the heart of everything we do to promote the same future-oriented tone and transparent commitment. This will enhance the reputation of the industry and ensure a clear, powerful message is received by customers and end-consumers alike."

However, he adds that ISSA's role in delivering this can only be achieved when it’s based on universal standards.

"They’re critical in giving substance to underpin our voice and in changing the way the world views cleaning. Applying standards - such as CIMS (Cleaning Industry Management Standard) - through training and education of staff and benchmarking/auditing processes, creates the foundations for high-performance, customer-focused cleaning and strengthens our ability to adapt.

"Customers and the public can be educated to understand what we offer and that we are as good as our word in realising enhanced cleanliness. Standing together, we can speak with one voice to build trust, fulfil expectation, and deliver quality, despite the challenges an uncertain future may bring."

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