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Evans Vanodine back at Cleaning Show

21 October 2021

AT THE Cleaning Show Evans Vanodine will be highlighting the product developments it has made over the past year, in light of the pandemic.

The company is promoting its COVID-19 effective products, which pass both EN 16777 surface test, as well as EN 14476, and give users extra confidence in their infection control routine and help safeguard visitors and staff. 

The past year has been a challenge for all of us, both personally and professionally. Everyone has been ‘doing their bit’ and contributed towards keeping themselves and others safe, whilst also trying to maintain livelihoods and become home-schoolers overnight. Washing and sanitising our hands more often has now become ingrained in our daily lives, as well as awareness of infection prevention and control now playing a pivotal role in our collective fight against COVID-19. At Evans Vanodine, we have been developing and manufacturing cleaners and disinfectants for over 100 years. We are extremely proud to have played our part in helping to keep the country, and many overseas, protected. 

At the Cleaning Show this year, we will be sharing our knowledge and technical expertise, available to all users of Evans products courtesy of our chemists and microbiologists. Having in-house laboratories enabled us to adapt quickly during the pandemic. Worldwide challenges with raw materials meant that our R&D department were able to rapidly qualify alternatives raw or, where that wasn’t possible, reformulate products entirely.  Their focus changed from developing new products for the future, to keeping the business running day to day. We will be highlighting the product developments we have made over the past year, in light of the pandemic, promoting our COVID-19 effective products, which pass both EN 16777 surface test, as well as EN 14476, and give users extra confidence in their infection control routine and help safeguard visitors and staff. As is the case with all our products, ensuring any new/reformulated products comply with regulations, and maintain their European EN test standards, is crucial to Evans. This task is made somewhat easier, and quicker, by having our own, UKAS accredited, microbiology laboratory, which is approved to test the efficacy of disinfectants using European standard test methods to substantiate claims.

There will also be a focus on the environment and sustainability, following our accreditation with Planet Mark, as well as showcasing our e:dose range and latest dosing units, emphasising all the features and benefits of using super concentrate, low environmental impact, products and promoting their upgraded efficacy claims.

Demand for disinfectants and hand sanitisers throughout the pandemic, saw several non-compliant products come to market, which did not necessarily meet the requirements to be effective against the COVID-19 virus, posing health risks. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) coordinated enforcement throughout Europe, to protect citizens from the risks of illicit and ineffective products. In the UK this is via Health and Safety Executive (HSE) biocides. We are now out of the ‘emergency approval‘ phase and the derogations for supply should be dropped to allow our industry to supply regulated products only; however, the market is still swamped with products making inflated and unsubstantiated claims. This is an issue that has been discussed widely, in particular by the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA), whose advice is to be cautious of extraordinary claims on products- “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. To verify any product claims, users should request test data or microbiological profiles from their distributor or manufacturer, prior to using a product.

Evans Vanodine is delighted that businesses are opening back up again, after such a difficult year for all of us, and feels The Cleaning Show is going to be a great opportunity to showcase how important the cleaning industry is. We are looking forward to exhibiting at the show and hope to see you there, on our stand D20.