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Eye-catching EcoArc recycling station

09 February 2021

LEAFIELD ENVIRONMENTAL, the UK’s award-winning designer and manufacturer of litter and recycling bins has launched a new external recycling bin, the ‘EcoArc’ offering an eye-catching and compact unit to encourage people to recycle ‘on-the-go’.

The EcoArc was initially designed for a retail forecourt environment, but is also suitable for shopping centres, leisure centres, high-streets, parks, beaches and schools.

The EcoArc recycling bin can be used in groups as part of a recycling station, side by side or back-to-back. The slimline curved design has a dimpled hood surface for anti- fly poster and rainwater drainage. The unit features space for two optional A2 poster frames on each side and an optional A4 signage kit to promote key messages.

The standard black base is made from 100% recycled material (subject to availability) and can feature optional traditional banding. The unit can hold up to 80-litres of waste with an optional steel or plastic liner.

The double-sided oval aperture can accommodate a 4-litre washer bottle. The moulded double skin pull-out door has been designed for added strength and durability and has an integral moulded handle for ease of opening on one side. The door has a smooth surface allowing an optional recycling label to be applied to identify the type of waste collected. The standard pull-out door and recycling label will be in WRAP compliant colours. Bespoke colours and personalisation of labels and units are available upon request. Integral ballast cartridge supplied as standard.

Dimensions: 1100mm (H), 333mm(W) & 600mm (D). Optional features include lock, ground fixing kit, bin linking kit, pivoting litter flap or seagull flap and anti-microbial additive.

For more information on Leafield’s EcoArc recycling bins call Leafield Environmental on 01225 816541. Alternatively email recycle@leafieldenv.com or visit www.leafieldrecycle.com