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Tork EasyCube cuts cleaning time by a fifth

10 August 2018

Facility managers can achieve a 20 per cent reduction in cleaning hours by “connecting” their buildings with Tork EasyCube, according to new research.

And they can reduce the number of cleaning rounds in their buildings by almost a quarter while also improving cleaning quality. 

These are among the new findings detailed in an Essity White Paper entitled: How data-driven cleaning transforms the cleaning industry

“Access to real-time data is a paradigm shift in the cleaning industry – one that makes it possible to work in completely new and smarter ways,” says Anna Königson Koopmans, European marketing manager for Tork Solutions. “Our new White Paper allows us to prove its value.

“Studies we have carried out at customers’ premises highlight the measurable impact of Tork EasyCube which shows double-digit effects on factors such as operational efficiency and quality of cleaning.”

Tork EasyCube uses sensors to measure visitor traffic and refill levels. This data is then translated into real-time information about cleaning needs, allowing facility managers and cleaning teams to work proactively and find out exactly what is needed where – even in complex high-traffic facilities.

Tork EasyCube is currently in use in more than 100 facilities worldwide including amusement parks, shopping centres, airports and office buildings. 

Documented results recorded at the premises of three Tork EasyCube customers measured before and after the system was implemented have revealed that cleaning hours may be cut by 20 per cent with the aid of the facility software.

Studies also concluded that 24 per cent fewer cleaning rounds were required when using Tork EasyCube and that cleaning quality could be improved. This was based on results from two customers over a 158-day period measured both before and after the implementation of Tork EasyCube.

The studies also show that with traditional cleaning, around 89 per cent of dispenser checks are unnecessary. And they revealed that washroom dispensers remain fully replenished 99 per cent of the time when using Tork EasyCube.

“Dispensers for soap, paper towels and toilet tissue that remain full at all times ensure high levels of hygiene and lead to fewer queues, less frustration and happier guests,” said Anna.

To download the full report visit tork.co.uk/tecinterclean