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BICSc: "Emerging from lockdown"

23 July 2020

The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc)'s senior team, has shared insight and advice as the government-advised lockdown is eased and many employers and employees return to their places of work.

Almost four months on from the start of the lockdown,  the senior team share their thoughts on how the pandemic has affected the Institute and our industry.

Stan Atkins, chief executive officer, said that the cleaning industry has had to adapt and, as a service industry, BICSc has been fortunate not to have seen mass layoffs of cleaning teams at this time.

"We are the guardians of hygiene standards and support the world we all live and work in," he said. "Now especially, we should remember the cleaning operative and show them the respect they deserve as well as supplying them with the right PPE and the correct training.”

Neil Spencer-Cook, chief operating officer, reiterated the need to adapt quickly through challenging times, adding that BICSc remains focused on the DNA of the Institute, and what it stands for – membership, training and education. "We have introduced online training options, and shortly we will reopen the doors of the BBS Training Suite," Spencer-Cook said.

"We will continue to host virtual member events, one of which will be the ‘Thumbs Up Awards’ as well as special Q & A sessions. We are keen to hear from organisations who may be able to offer independent industry-related research and white papers that will offer insights to the future of cleaning.”

Denise Hanson, head of technical services, added: "For those of us involved in the cleaning industry we have always known just how important the role we play is to all other members of society, it would be nice to think that as we come through these challenging times there will be some recognition from those members of our society of the importance of the well trained cleaning operative.”

Chris Ryan, head of international business, was furloughed between April and June, and during this time he closely watched the devastating effect the pandemic has had on everyone across the globe.

"What has stood out has been the tireless efforts and contributions of so many to get us through this situation, for that, I am eternally grateful," he said.

"I’m also very proud to see that our industry has been recognised as one of those key contributors, and I am confident this will continue as we carry on with this journey on the road to recovery.  

"With a focus on increased hygiene levels and cleanliness to promote confidence and peace of mind in our buildings, our industry has an important role to play as we move forward into the 'new normal' era.”